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  • troianoresearch

    understanding people to
    generate strong brands
  • troianomeaning

    giving life and
    meaning to brands
  • troianogrowth

    developing the power
    of brands
  • troianoaction

    brand strategies in action
  • troianoeducation

    sharing knowledge

We gathered our services
portfolio in 5 areas that
combine the most relevant
and modern issues in Branding.

the consumer says
what he thinks, but
do what he feels jaime c. troiano

There is no way one can build brands without understanding people. Being curious, being fond of people, and knowing all the details about different stakeholder’s lives. Research inside and outside a company as an inspiration to develop relevant brand proposals, both in b2c and in b2b, creating truly inspirational meaning.

troianopesquisar (troianoresearch) legitimizes our brands strategies. We know about people and that is why we create valuable brands.

words may show a
man's wit but actions
his meanings benjamin franklin

Brands are born from an ideal, a willingness to do things differently, a Purpose.

They generate meaning and create life stories by inspiring people continuously. Meaning is what builds long lasting bonds inside and outside a company.

troianosignificar (troianomeaning) develops winning brand propositions.

Branding is not
a noun, it’s a verb!
it depends on actions! Cecília M. Russo Troiano

Brands need to be in constant move, to tell stories, to innovate and excite people in order to generate business.

Without this commitment with results, brands are just poetry.

troianocrescer (troianogrowth) gathers tools to make your brand prosper day after day.

if the meaning is
not articulated in
practice, it has
no effect stuart hall

Brands need to come to life in a daily basis. Bring their Branding plans to the real world.

Brands that make a difference develop, every day, activities that reinforce their meaning, amplify their value and generate admiration inside and outside a company.

troianoacontecer (troianoachievement) believes that the commitment with a great execution is the only way to win the game of brands.

pois o conhecimento
é a única coisa que
podemos oferecer
sem deixar de ter pierre lévy

Brands are managed by people who need to be constantly updated, connected and inspired in order to increasingly ponder, think and find upfront solutions.

troianoeducar (troianoeducation) gathers insights and information to support professionals in their journeys as brand managers. Featuring books, videos, articles, radio shows and courses, troianoeducar (troianoeducation) has everything you need to be constantly connected to the latest trends on Branding.

troianoeducar (troianoeducar) aim is to catalyze and to disseminate knowledge about Branding.

who are we
  • 1993

    Jaime Troiano starts the Jaime Troiano Consumer Strategies, the first Brazilian company focused on brand management. The first client was ANER – National Association of Magazine Editors.

  • 1996

    The company changes to a new name, reinforcing its commitment to brands, becoming Jaime Troiano Brand Consultancy and Consumer Behavior.

  • 1997

    Cecilia Russo Troiano joins the company as a partner, sharing the leadership with Jaime Troiano. The company was renamed Jaime Troiano Brand Consultancy to reaffirm its vocation and devotion to brand management.

  • 1999

    The company goes through another revision of its identity, this time attempting to express its growth. Troiano Brand Consulting substitutes the former name, bringing a more impersonal nature to the organization. That very year, the company is awarded twice: first by ESOMAR, the European entity that granted Troiano with the award for “Most Interesting Use of Research” with the work “Beauty and the Beast”; and second by Meio& Mensagem, with the disputed Caboré Award in the category of Specialized Service.

  • 2003

    Troiano gives the first steps towards the formation of a group. Together with the economic advisory SETAPE, creates brands & values, becoming the first Brazilian company to perform brand economic valuation.

  • 2004

    Reformulation of Troiano’s visual identity (preserving the name). The redesigned logo reflects the company’s concern to approach brands in 3 dimensions: market, corporate and economic.

  • 2009

    In a clear movement of expansion, Troiano creates Grupo Troiano de Branding, Brazil’s first group 100% dedicated to brand management. The group comprises the two existing companies – Troiano and brands & values – and a new one, BrightHouse Brazil, specialized in creating “Master Ideas ™” for brands. BrightHouse Brazil is a joint venture with BrightHouse, an Atlanta, USA, based consultancy owned by Joey Reiman. In Brazil, it is led by Cecilia Russo Troiano.

  • 2012

    Troiano becomes a partner of the American consultancy Gerald Zaltman, being the only Brazilian company to operate with ZMET – a research technique developed by Harvard University combining neuroscience with marketing.

  • 2013

    A unique moment in the history of Grupo Troiano de Branding. Being a 20-year-old company in the branding market – nowadays much more professional and competitive -, facing strong national and global competitors, all of that has been, combined with our inner strength, crucial to empowering us year after year. With eyes on the next 20 years and wondering what will come around to nurture and inspire brand strategies, Grupo Troiano de Branding settled a strategic alliance with AYR Worldwide – a Portuguese company with a broad portfolio of products and services in consumption and behavioral trends. Thus, Grupo Troiano de Branding not only reaches for the future but also opens the door to entry the European markets, where it already operates with AYR.

  • 2015

    Grupo Troiano de Branding is now called TroianoBranding. We chose the path of simplification, synthesis that reflects the essence of what we do. The five areas that generate our portfolio of services are now gathered under this new name: Troiano Pesquisar (troianoresearch), Troiano Significar (troianomeaning), Troiano Crescer (troianogrowth), Troiano Acontecer (troianoachievement) e Troiano Educar (troianoeducation).

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